January 14, 2015

Never late but never on time

I will never be the mom who has her cute little monogrammed picnic folding chair out at the front of the car line eating her lunch reading a book or chatting with the other early birds moms and grandmoms. I truly love the early bird club they have going on there even if it is nuts and they seem to have no life what so ever. It is their life. It is what these ladies do. They are the first in line. They visit, they chat, they catch up on reading, they eat, and they just enjoy the quiet moments while a younger sibling may be sleeping or quietly entertaining themselves in the backseat. As moms we all try to read, chat with friends, visit with other adults, enjoy quiet moments. We just don't all do it in the front of a car line. I certainly will never be organized enough to get to the front of the car line to have "me" time since Hanni has been in public school for only a week in a half now and I think I have been almost the last parent picking up twice now!! Fortunately, she gets me. Kudos to those front liners though and enjoy your "me" time! I'll just squeeze it in during my escape to the grocery store or visiting my neighbor a couple evenings a week. Whatever you do moms, get some "me" time for you and your kids!!

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