September 25, 2011

Another apple picking adventure!

I am so far behind on blogging so I have decided to take today (or a few days and just catch up). It is my goal to update on some of the things going on here in the past month or so.

We went apple picking in the end of August again!! I took the two little ones at the end of the season last year and we had a blast! It was more of an activity then to get them out of the house because Randy needed to sleep (he worked nights) and then needed to do some school work. Also, that day Gracie had a huge project and the little ones were so hyper! Nobody could think straight, much less sleep! So, I packed them up for the day and went off on an unknown adventure that turned out extremely successful!!

I promised that we would go again and take daddy and Gracie this year! Well, this year we also have Maryjo and I am not leaving her out. Randy and I were driving down the road one early afternoon and decided to go apple picking that day. I called my mom and told her to get the kiddos all ready. I came home to my little ones in overalls! lol They were dressed for the occasion! We hurried the kiddos along and got the van ready. It is about an hour away so we were praying we didn't wait too long in the day to go. We got there in time and since it was during the week it was almost empty of people picking!! We got our Mutsus!! I was thrilled!! I love this apple!!
There was alot of tasting going on!!
And alot of helping each other get the best apples!

The surroundings at the orchard are just gorgeous!

Soon, I had four HUGE bags of apples and it was time to head home and start doing something with them!! I have made a ton of apple butter! Also some apple bbq sauce and even some made it into a pie. I can't wait to go back again and am really hoping to get back once more this season!!