March 12, 2014

Bedrest Week 1

We had not made a big announcement, although I had told many friends, that I am pregnant. Well, last Thursday morning changed everything! I went into Maternal Fetal Medicine to have a regular ultrasound and get started on progesterone shots. Our baby has some markers that maybe something could be not right but I am believing that all is well and will be fine. The ultrasound tech looked at my cervix and said, "it's fully open". I knew we had options from when we lost Gilbert. I talked to the doctor and we adecided on an emergency cerclage. That is a stitch to basically sew the cervix up. I had my appt just in time!! Now I am on Very Strict Bedrest!! It has not been easy but I am almost a week in and doing good I hope! I have an appt tomorrow afternoon to check on things. I went in on Monday because I had so many questions and the nurse said to go to L&D. Everything looked good then so I am praying it still will. I have been so blessed with friends who have stopped by and set up a meal plan for us and just taken the time to text and call to check on me! It has been a blessing. I can do five months of this!! I really can!! It is so worth it!!

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  1. wow, I had no idea Kate! Please let me know if there is anything I can do!