January 29, 2015

Still waiting, tests, and a job

We are still waiting on the neurologist to contact us about Joel. STILL!! I contact them daily now and all I hear is out of the office, I'm emailing the doctor right now, and they are reviewing the chart. Really? I had one friend who really put it in perspective though and said at least he isn't a first priority. If he was, it would be a bad situation. We are truly just looking for answers. How true and I pray so much for the first priority patients in the office and their moms and dads. But, they still need to call right!! I took my final test for my provisional license in real estate last week!! I passed!!! What a huge blessing. I struggle with dyslexia and it really got to me during the test. It doesn't bother me in my everyday anymore so much now that I have learned to work with it but when I get stressed or nervous it haunts me. Once I finally gave the test to God everything became clear and I realized I knew what they were asking!! I had no clue before and was literally crying and mad at myself!! God is so good. What a peace that comes with having Him in my life!! I am now looking at jobs! The whole thing is scary and exciting to me. I haven't ever really been a "career" woman. I haven't worked in years. My job is my kids and my family is my life! I chose real estate because of the flexibility but I am on call 24/7 also. I have two more companies to interview with and then we will just pray all weekend!! I am so excited for this journey to begin. I am so thankful that God has opened doors and shut them so far as far as what has been best for our family. We love the lady who loves on our little Joel each day I have school or an interview and when I will be working. I love that Carpender loves his extra time with Gracie and Gracie is having a blast with Carpender for now! We will see how long that lasts. I am thankful that Randy's job gives him the time home to be with all the kids most of the time so I don't have to depend on Gracie too much. God is truly blessing our family and I am so very thankful for that!! As soon as I know where I will be I can't wait to share!

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